Conversations that Increase Conversions

An Intuitive and Powerful Conversion Chatbot for Businesses.

Nerdchat is a smart chatbot. Leveraging AI functionality and natural language processing (NLP), Nerdchat is able to gain knowledge quickly and answer hundreds of questions over time.Visitors can now book branch visits or test drive or meetings straight from your website, landing page or app. Meetings are automatically routed to your sales team's calendars based on rules you create. You can then see powerful analytics as to how many people booked test drives.

NerdChat can attribute the prospect came from a marketing campaign, email, or ad, and continue the targeted messaging from the campaign—all without changing site copy or adding landing pages. Make your website customized for prospects from different sectors and demographics.

Better targeting and dynamic questions leads to higher conversions.

Nerdchat is a conversion chatbot that understands your users, and then curates information, answers questions, captures contacts, and branch visits or test drive or meetings instantly. You can integrate, and launch Nerdchat on your website, or as a landing page. Quickly leverage data collected by Nerdchat by marketing automation through Nerdware Teams.

How Chatbots Improve Digital Marketing

Book meetings straight to calendars for both sales and support, improving customer experience.

NerdChat will ask your clients and prospects questions to decide if and when they should meet with you. NerdChat automatically informs the right person in the team of the lead and remind you when it’s coming up.

Better target messaging for each user on your site, pushing them through the conversion cycle faster.

NerdChat easily answers common questions and directs users to specific pages in the website or mobile app.NerdChat knows your customers and how often they visit. NerdChat works with your conversion funnel and send the right message at the right time.After nurturing conversations, push users to conversions — demo, sign-up, purchase, and more.

Bot asks qualifying questions, and send lead based on logic for region, sector, etc. and marks hot leads.

NerdChat sets up a series of questions, so that leads automatically get sent to the appropriate sales resource (e.g. by geography, sectors, etc.), or are pushed to another action if the prospect is not a good lead.

Easily see which qualified leads generated from each campaign, and instantly send information to Google Analytics or internal portals.

NerdChat can help you understand the quality and value of the leads you receive through marketing campaigns.As prospects click on ads, emails and other digital campaigns, they are directed to the website where a NerdChat provides targeted messaging. NerdChat will then have a conversation with users, gathering demographics preferences and user needs.

Why Choose NerdChat?


Increase conversions, understand your users and enhance lead generation.

1. Increase lead capture by 33% or more

2. Improve conversion rates

3. 24/7 response to enhance customer experience

4. Deep insight into the demographics of your prospects and clients