Multichannel Marketing Software

Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, CRM/Sales Automation.

Nerdware Teams eCRM is the only fully integrated suite of web and emarketing tools that provides you with total control of all your online activities. The fully integrated solution includes high level content management, reporting, profiling, personalisation and communications.

Nerdware Teams provides you with all the functionality and features of a powerful enterprise level solution at a fraction of the price.

What Nerdware Teams can do

Incredibly simple to use, the powerful publishing tool allows you to create, manage and publish rich content to your website in minutes. A fully functional content management system, complete with WYSIWYG designer, version control, workflow and multi-level content structuring ensures your website is easy to update. The software includes a powerful form builder that lets you create a variety of forms for capturing, processing and automating the gathering of information on your website.

The seamless tracking system includes traditional reporting on site usage and activity patterns and identifies customers (not just statistics), from their first visit to their last, with a high level of precision. Each time a person interacts with your website, whether it is through content or forms they complete, Nerdware Teams collects this data for you, providing you with accurate and valuable insight into the people visiting the site.

Nerdware Teams includes a powerful tool that utilises customisable rules to segment your customers and prospects into predetermined groups for personalised content targeting via the website or through email or SMS campaigns. Enjoy greater control of, and response from your communications through the improved targeting and segmentation system.

Nerdware Teams is the only solution that delivers high speed, high volume email and SMS messaging combined with the intelligence of an integrated, feature rich emarketing software suite. Nerdware Teams gives you the tools to get the most out of your online communication campaigns with accuracy, relevance and at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

With today’s time pressures, maintaining a web site is often the last item on the agenda. Nerdware Teams’s automation features take much of the worry away from you.The real time reporting tool allows you to view complete statistical reports across all your online activities. Elegant and simple to read graphs and charts make it easy to understand and communicate the results with the click of a button.

Why Choose Nerdware Teams?

Nerdware Teams is a cloud-hosted solution with multiple servers across a variety of international locations. We use best of breed cloud technologies to enable scale and growth to meet the ongoing demands of our customers, and maintain high levels of uptime.

In case of any problems or emergencies, our on-site support team is available on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis.

Nerdware Teams customers enjoy peace of mind through our full service management offering, which ensures that the environment performs in top condition with limited or no client involvement. With full monitoring of both hardware and server software, should a problem occur, one of our skilled support engineers will proactively address and resolve most issues, and will only contact you should your input be necessary to solve a particular problem.