A Word From Our CEO: A Recipe for Success

Media Release
It’s Workers’ Month and in light of this, we thought it important to share the unique and thoughtful philosophy by which the NerdShip is managed.

“Finding the right addition to your team is like building the perfect sandwich - it's all about the right ingredients. You can't just throw together any old ingredients and call it a masterpiece. Just like with hiring, a thorough evaluation of the various factors is necessary to make sure you have the perfect combination. You need to take into account education, experience, personality, work ethic, references, and a background check. If you choose the right elements, you'll create a winning sandwich, and by this I mean, an employee that will ensure your organisation's success.

Looking for the perfect candidate can feel like searching for a mythical creature - a unicorn if you will. We all want someone who has the right education, experience, and skills, and can mesh seamlessly with our company culture. But let's not forget that hiring for culture fit alone can lead to a workplace as bland as vanilla ice cream. We want diversity! So, spice up your candidate pool and sprinkle in some different flavours. Cultural fit is important, but it shouldn't overpower the taste of your team's unique blend.

Don't confuse "culture fit" with a frat party initiation. While it's important for employees to vibe with the company's values, this shouldn't be used as an excuse to exclude diverse candidates from the hiring process. Just like comparing guacamole recipes, evaluating culture fit should be just one ingredient in the hiring decision-making recipe, along with education, experience, and other relevant factors.” - Ronald Magondo, Nerdware CEO & Founder 

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