Developing the brands of tomorrow today.


"We develop digital experiences that transform brands and grow businesses."

Nerdware is Software Development and Digital Marketing Services company. Our mission is to provide high-value and customer-focused technology to clients, empowering them efficiently support their customers.

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We have developed our own high-powered digital marketing tool with a multitude of integrated and customizable features. In addition to software development, we also offer custom web-based app development, product customization, and hosted app services through our specialist team of developers, designers, and technicians.



Get your business on the next level.
Custom developed business solutions.

From conception to final delivery, our full stack capable teams will ensure scalable, reliable and easy-to-maintain solutions that meet all your needs. With leading-edge technology, our custom-developed solution makes marketing an absolute breeze. Our development team is always on hand to assist with any technical projects you may have, from entry-level websites to complex business solutions and applications, there is a solution for you with our professional team.

Custom digital marketing solutions.
Get your business on the next digital level.
We provide innovative digital marketing.

We will give your brand a personal, passionate and tailored service every time we interact with you. No matter the size of the brand, we find solutions that speak directly to your audience. Get found on Google for relevant searches with our specialized SEO services. Our initial and ongoing optimization ensures higher rankings and more clicks. Our research-backed digital marketing methods are innovative and anticipate the intent of your customers and search engines.

We are strategy-first consultancy.
We understand your goals and build a clear roadmaps.
We tackle your highest value projects.

We find ways for you to tackle digital transformation and drive innovative digital strategies through customer-centricity. Our dedicated team will assist in illuminating who you are and provide you with the steps needed for the new era of digitally driven business.

We’re brand professionals.
A unique combination of business smarts and strategic thinking
We have a creative passion for building beautifully crafted brands.

With a diverse team of motivated creatives bringing their perspectives to a client brief, we always aim to find that unique point where creativity meets strategy. We combine specialist skills to tackle complex challenges and drive superior results. We bring playfulness and purpose, creativity and commerciality. A unique combination of business smarts and strategic thinking We have a creative passion for building beautifully crafted brands.

We ensure digital products are meaningful.
Products should provide relevant experiences to users.

We will ensure that your products and services are usable, effective, efficient, and satisfying. We specifically apply user and usage-centered techniques for requirements analysis, design, and evaluation. When a product is usable, it can increase the likeliness of a sale, improve brand value, reduce customer attrition and minimize support calls.




We start by Researching where we currently are. We immerse ourselves in your business, to best understand your services/products and customers.



In Strategy we build the foundations of the brand and develop the plan.



This is the phase where creativity meets strategy and business goals.


4.Roll Out

We manage the process and begin the roll out process for our project.



Here we make sure we track every element that we develop and we monitor and optimise as and when necessary to insure long term success.