Diversity: The Driving Force Behind Nerdware's Digital Excellence. By: Ronald Magondo, Director of Awe Inspiring Feats at Nerdware SA.

Ronald Magondo
In a time where diversity still remains both a challenge and an opportunity, Nerdware, a leading digital marketing services agency,  stands as a testament to diversity’s potential to drive excellence. 

Many companies are taking steps to increase diversity and inclusion, however real progress across many  sectors remains apathetic.  

“Nerdware has long recognized that diversity is more than just a buzzword; it's a fundamental pillar of our success. Our team represents a multitude of backgrounds, perspectives, and talents, and we believe this is the driving force behind our ability to deliver exceptional, award-winning digital solutions that genuinely relate to a wide array of audiences,” continues Magondo.

Notably, Nerdware recently received the prestigious Silver Award at the 2023 Pitcher Festival for their exceptional web and microsite services for the South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL). This work also earned the team recognition in the Africa Tech Week Awards 2023.

Diversity and inclusion matter. It is not merely a box to be ticked, but rather a genuine asset that fuels innovation, creativity, and excellence. When you bring together individuals from various backgrounds, you're essentially assembling a mosaic of ideas, from a broader range of perspectives, leading to a more holistic approach to problem-solving.

“It's the diversity of thought that sparks innovation and pushes us to think outside the box. At Nerdware, we thrive on well-informed, creative solutions. The diversity within our team is what fuels this approach.”

In an always evolving digital landscape, our diverse  team continuously excels at tackling complex problems and approaching challenges with a wider toolkit that effectively allows us to better understand and serve our clients.

It’s really quite simple for us. We hire in a way that is completely representative of the demographics in South Africa. And the stats speak for themself. We hire the best person in terms of education and experience for the vacancy, and our company. The only slight bias we may have is that if there are two equal candidates vying for the same position, then we will employ according to  a female first policy. Our team, as it stands, includes  talented individuals, each bringing their unique strengths to the table. 60% of our staff are women, and 92% of all staff are from previously disadvantaged groups. When we say we are women-empowered, it's not just lip service. Simply put, we  truly walk the talk.

We love the unique perspectives and insights that Gen Z and Millennials bring to the table. Their intuitive understanding of tech, and fresh ideas add a dynamic layer to our diverse team's capabilities. Our Gen Xers bring it all together with the many years of experience that they have under their belts. It's this generational mix that ensures we remain at the forefront of digital innovation, enabling us to create African solutions, for African businesses, by African people. 

But, as polarising societal issues continue to infiltrate the workplace, how can businesses foster a company culture that embraces differences?

“We believe that it is our differences that make us stand out and be great.Our working environment allows for people to be themselves. For example, other than wearing business-casual to the office, we do not prescribe to our staff how to dress, or even that females should subscribe to the stereotype of wearing makeup and heels.”

“Our team, no matter where they are within the company hierarchy within the company, has a safe place to communicate with colleagues, and to be heard.  As long as it's done in a respectful manner, all opinions are important to us. And no one is victimised for speaking their mind. Fostering this approach improves productivity, creativity, and effective solutions,  which we believe is the way to create true impact.”

Nerdware’s commitment to diversity translates into tangible benefits for clients. They gain access to a team that brings together a wealth of perspectives and insights, ensuring that their digital solutions are as diverse as the challenges they face.  

It is of critical importance for companies to respectfully ask difficult questions to allow people to share their points of view and open their minds to other perspectives. 

“We need to be fearless and willing to understand each other. We  have far more in common with each other than not. Learn and grow from the experience. Your world will be a much more colourful and better place,” concludes Magondo.