Harnessing the power of Augmented Reality

Media Release
The days of brands talking at the consumer are long gone. Brands are now putting in the effort to talk to consumers. 

Augmented Reality, referred to as AR is a combination of images that are displayed using a computer-generated overlay to modify an audience's view of their realistic surroundings. The impact that AR has had on marketing strategies is evident and one for the books offering customers a more interactive experience with brands. 

AR Trends such as “Try Before You Buy” have increased product sales by 90% by giving consumers a physical experience, digitally. AR has been used for other experiences such as 360 digital property viewings on Property24, CTM’s app that allows you to test paint colours and tiles on your walls before making the purchase, and event experiences that go beyond just the music, food, and entertainment. 

Are you considering adding AR to your next strategy? 58.6% of consumers want brands to be a lot more innovative with their communication. 

To deliver maximum results marketers need to: 
  1. Lay down the right foundation, by understanding what the objective is, 
  2. Consistency is key, make sure that you deliver optimal engagement throughout your customer’s entire journey,
  3. Think of integration. If you can think of it, it’s most likely possible.
  4. Finally, design is your cherry on top. A great AR experience requires a great design of the experience. 

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