Team Spotlight: Client Services

Mikateko Maswanganyi
We're excited to shine the spotlight on two of our exceptional team members, Katleho Porota, our Digital Content Manager, and Nthabiseng Daku, our Client Services Director, who embarked on a remarkable journey to Prague, Czech Republic, in October 2023. 

Their mission? Representing Nerdware at the World Road Congress on behalf of our esteemed client, SANRAL.

This event wasn't just about attending; it was a strategic move to amplify our global presence. The visit served as a dynamic platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and establishing connections within the international professional community. Our team’s active engagement contributed significantly to the promotion and recognition of Nerdware’s services on a global scale.

Leading up to the event, our dynamic duo orchestrated a pre-awareness campaign, profiling key SANRAL speakers and generating excitement. Once in Prague, they dove headfirst into content creation activities – live tweeting, facilitating vox pops with global representatives, crafting LinkedIn pieces, shooting YouTube content, capturing stunning photography, and yes, even setting up a hologram.

Reflecting on this transformative experience, Katleho Porota shares, “This opportunity, my first international trip, has facilitated my growth both in my career and personally. Learning how to set up a hologram gave me firsthand experience with this technology. Meeting people from around the globe and immersing myself in different cultures was truly educational and memorable. I can’t express enough gratitude to my Nerdware team for selecting me to participate in this life-changing experience."

The 27th World Road Congress, organised by PIARC (World Road Association) and the Czech Road, brought together more than 6,000 participants from 120 countries to share views, best policies, and practices on road infrastructure and development. 

Looking ahead, mark your calendars for the 28th World Road Congress, set to be hosted in Vancouver (Canada) in October 2027.